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Greetings and a very warm welcome to all the visitors of Legal Capital Associates (org) website from myself (the founder) and from my hard working team. Here I’ll take your precious little time to introduce my organization whose foundation is firmly based on Values, Ethics, Respect and Integrity which helps us to nurture a strong relationship with our clients. My team of talented advocates and their years of experience and diverse knowledge in solving legal matters within time is my strength and wealth, I feel so proud and fortunate for having such a brilliant team. Every day is a new day which brings new challenges for us where how we deal with those challenges using our skills matters the most. LCA (org) is not only my office but a place where we prioritize and worship our work first. We respect and value our client’s time and to provide them with valuable legal services on time plays the major role in my organization “Burning the midnight oil”, thinking out of the box, lessening the technicalities of law for each and every case and finding out the perfect solution so that we can offer desirable results to our client is how we work!! Lastly, I hope the information provided in our website overview of my organization is helpful to those who are in search of any legal assistance.

Regards Adv Nitin Dhule (Founder)
Asha Prasad (Content Developer/CEO)

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The principle goal or mission of LCA is to reach out to the LAYMAN by being simple and easy to understand so that we can serve our clients effectively, to think out of the box by being creative and innovative. We are striving for excellence and at the same time we take enough time to listen and understand our client’s concern. In simple language we believe in action, communication, transparency. “WE FEEL” what a person goes through the stress, the depression, the trauma !! while facing any legitimate grievances. We would like to work not only for our client but also for the community by providing technologically sophisticated legal and public service. Not only this but we are focusing on providing career opportunities to those who are interested in pursuing their career in the legal department.

Our Vision

Governing Structure:- Our Organisation works flawlessly and in accordance with the plan and the responsible management team believes in accountability, policies, processes role, rule of law, transparency, integrity and responsiveness. We will provide you with the best quality advice and legal insight.

Committed Advocates

The talented and experienced advocates with diverse backgrounds of our organisation take their work very seriously; they are the strength and representative of the organisation. Advising clients about their legal rights is the primary service done by our advocates. The multi jurisdiction qualification of the advocates will be very helpful for the clients to maximise their outcome. Share your problem with our attorneys and you will definitely feel a problem shared is a problem halved (only by sharing).

Nandlal M Trimbake


Tejaswini Chavan


Harshal Mirashi


Chitra Gosavi


Madan Sapkal


Adminstrative Coordinator

Avinash Salvi

Pradeep Mahadik


How many advocates will work on my case ?
Our team of advocates will work on the case as it will provide diverse expertise and perspective to the case & it will become easy for them to handle different aspect of case simultaneously
Any document should I bring on my first meeting ?

Basically on first meeting we understand the case and do councelling and after that we clarify the client what documents related to the case they have bring or submit.

How long will my case take to resolve ?

This is the most common question asked by the clients and it has a variable answers as everything depends on the parameters of the case.

How you will inform me about the progress of my case ?

Yes communication is the key so we reply the client by saying that our team will inform you either by phone, WhatsApp, e-mail or by personal meeting.

Is it necessary to go to court or we can have out of court settlement ?

Yes out of court settlement is an option but our advocate or firm can only decide it after going through the parameters of the case.

What type of cases your law firm LCA handle ?

Our firm deals with cases like, civil, criminal, arbitration, company compensation, industrial and labour law, matrimonial etc ( expertise/ services render is mentioned in our website)

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